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RACE obstacles consist of five obstacles that are
designed to challenge participants
of all athletic abilities, each worth 100 points.
You can collect 500 points by completing
all of the RACE obstacles.
The completion of RACE obstacles is required.

High Class

Step through our agility nets with fast feet and high knees.


Bear crawl your way up the stair or ramps of your favorite stadium, keeping your body under the net.

Thread the

Lateral quick steps to weave your way through the “needles”.

Speed Ropes

Jump 20 reps with a Gronk Fitness speed rope.


Hurdle over 4 sets of 4ft tall hurdle walls.



HUSTLE obstacles consist of five obstacles that are
intermediate level. These are optional
obstacles, each worth 200 points.
If you complete the RACE and HUSTLE
obstacles, you can collect up to 1500 points.

KB Swings

Swing 20 reps with Gronk Fitness kettle bells.


Throw a ball through the target in 3 tries.

Peak Performance

Climb up pipes and nets to over 20ft above the field on our tallest obstacle.

Toe The Line

Balance your across the beam without falling on your 1st attempt.

Pop and Drop

Jump over then crawl under a series of alternating low and high walls.



BLITZ obstacles consist five optional obstacles
that are designed for participants of
elite athletic abilities, each worth 300 points.
If you complete the BLITZ
you can score an additional 1,500 points.

Spin Class

Swing across a series of rings with your feet off the ground.

Hang Time

Traverse pipes and nets with your feet off the ground.

Ladder Drill

Climb up and over the field on a vertical ladder.

Blitz Bags

Lift and carry the Blitz bag up and down stairs through the designated course.

Push the Limit

Pull then push a Gronk Fitness weight sled across the field.