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About Stadium Blitz

One of the best parts about the Stadium Blitz race route is that your child, ages seven and up, can run the race with you! The Stadium Blitz RACE route is designed for race participants of all athletic abilities – including youth races. Unlike other (lame) events, where you have to take your junior participant over to another (lame) kiddy race course, Stadium Blitz allows kids to participate under the stadium lights alongside a parent or guardian.

Blitz participants are required to be at least 14 years of age prior to the event date, in order to run the race without an parent/guardian.

We encourage kids between seven and 13 years of age to #GetBlitzed as well – as long as they are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian throughout the race.

Unlike other obstacle course races, youth participants will run the Stadium Course alongside their guardian. The Stadium Blitz RACE Route is designed for participants of all ages and athletic abilities. Stadium Blitz organizers will not permit youth race participants to challenge themselves on HUSTLE or BLITZ obstacles, but are permitted to stand near the obstacles in designated areas while their guardian completes the challenge.

All Stadium Blitz race participants will need a valid government or school-issued ID, no matter your age, in order to pick up a race packet. Please bring a school issued ID card if you don’t have a driver’s license. Parents will be required to present ID for any minors they are accompanying.

Follow the steps listed here.

We suggest wearing:

  • Dress for the elements. The course goes through outdoor venues and the evening temperatures can drop.
  • Athletic shoes are required to participate in the Stadium Blitz Course.
  • We’ll provide a pair of Stadium Blitz Performance Socks to each participant (included in your registration).
  • Sunglasses are nice, but not needed…. unless your future is so bright that you feel like they’re needed.
  • Cameras are welcomed, but please keep them secure. Selfie sticks are not permitted at the stadium.
  • Have a crazy costume? That’s fine, as long as your clothing does not put anyone (including yourself) in danger. Some masks are permitted, but must be removed while walking into the stadium.

Teammates do not have to race in the same race window, but do have to register as a team prior to leaving the start line at the race.

If you choose to #GetBlitzed alone… that’s okay, too.

  • Every Blitz race participant will be issued a pair of Stadium Blitz Performance Socks. We encourage you to #GetBlitzed with your socks on.
  • Please print your registration receipt or have it available on your smartphone.
  • Athletic shoes are required for the event.
  • A valid government or school-issued ID.
  • A comfortable change of clothes and towel are recommended.
  • Credit Card if food or merchandise is available for purchase.
  • Sealable plastic bag if you want to keep keys, phone and money on you while you race.
  • An Ice Shaker insulated fitness bottle. If you don’t have one, they’re available at the Official Stadium Blitz Merchandise Store. We encourage you to rock an Ice Shaker and leave that stinky protein shaker bottle at home…


Stadium Blitz registration waves are in 30 minute intervals in order to maximize the opportunity to race the Stadium course with friends and groups. Based on the registration window you choose, you’ll be required to leave the Start Line within that window. Late arrivals to the starting line are not guaranteed an opportunity to race, and refunds will not be issued. We highly suggest that you leave early in your race window.

Stadium Blitz events will take place on the event date, rain or shine. Stadium Blitz organizers will not permit participants on the race route if lightning is in the area, and will delay the event until the severe weather has cleared and the race course is safe to resume operation. Refunds will NOT be given in the event of an event cancellation.

All entry fee payments are non-refundable and all sales are final.

In the event that you are injured prior to a race, or cannot attend a race that you registered for, please reach out to our Stadium Blitz team at [email protected] to arrange for special accommodations to be made with your registration. In most cases, a race registration may be transferred to another location/event date.

Stadium Blitz organizers, Complex Events, LLC, reserve the right to cancel any Stadium Blitz event in the event of accidents, labor disputes, acts of war or terrorism military or armed conflicts, insurrections, rebellions, riots, explosions, lightening, earthquakes, fires, storms, rain and floods, wind, hail or if in the discretion of Complex Events any such acts or causes which require cancellation of the event for safety or security reasons, or, if Complex Events cancels the event for any other reason pursuant to 24 hours written notice.

Complex Events reserves the right to change the venue and/or date of the event for any reason. In the event of such change of date or venue (or both), there will be no refunds, but your registration will still be valid for the new location and/or date.

Complex Events reserve the right to remove athletes, spectators, sub-contractors, venue employees, friends, family, and anyone else from the Event, without refund, should his/her behavior endanger the safety or negatively affect a race, person, venue, person, or property of any kind.

Race Results / Photos

Doors open 90 minutes prior to the first race at each event. Stadium Blitz organizers highly encourage race participants to arrive early in order to get checked in, slip on a pair of Stadium Blitz Performance Socks, enjoy live music and entertainment, and get prepared to #GetBlitzed.

Got a friend or family member that wants to cheer you on, or just wants to hang out at the stadium with you? Bring ‘em along! The more people that #GetBlitzed together, the merrier! Spectators can hang out at the Blitz Zone and in designated spectator locations inside the stadium, free of charge.


Each Blitz race participant will receive:

  • Race admission with over 15 obstacles and challenges throughout the course!
  • One complimentary pair of Stadium Blitz Performance Race Socks!
  • One Stadium Blitz “finisher” medal and ribbon after you cross the finish line!
  • RFID chip-timed results that include timing at your Stadium Blitz Score!
  • Access to the stadium and Blitz Zone!
  • Free access for spectators to cheer you on!

Additional Stadium Blitz merchandise is available for purchase at the Official Stadium Blitz Merchandise Store.

Medical teams are located throughout the race course and are placed strategically to respond to injured guests as quickly as possible. If possible, please notify a Stadium Blitz volunteer or staff member and they will report your injury to the medical teams and have help dispatched as soon as possible.

Yes, water stations will be available along the race route and water is complimentary for all race participants.

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