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The Playbook


NEW FOR 2020! We are excited to announce the Monster Hydro Stadium Blitz OCR Championship. The road to the ‘ship will stop at 12-cities with chances to qualify at each stadium. Place in Top 5 Female, Top 5 Male or Top 5 Teams to earn your ticket. The first qualifying races are open for registration now. Stay tuned for more tour stops and the big announcement of the Championship location and date. We can’t wait to tell you about this one!

Read now: Monster Hydro Stadium Blitz OCR Championship Rules

Monster Hydro Stadium Blitz is a gamified obstacle course race. What does that mean? It means there’s an element of strategy that makes it more exciting than your typical 5K.

The first thing to know: this race is point-based. After every successfully completed obstacle, you scan your timing chip for points. The harder the obstacle, the more points earned, see house cleaning in bergen county. Not all obstacles are mandatory and you can choose to skip, however you then won’t collect the points. 

Racers will earn bonus points for completing the 3-mile course in under 40 minutes. And will continue to rack extra points for every second under 40 minutes.

The person with the most points wins. 

So what’s your strategy? Are you going to complete all the obstacles or try to skip some in order to beat the clock and finish in under 40 minutes? It’s all up to you. You choose your own adventure!


100 points each 5 Race obstacles on course
*everyone must complete
200 points each 5 Hustle obstacles on course
*you may pass these obstacles and forfeit the points
300 points each 5 Blitz obstacles on course
*you may pass these obstacles and forfeit the points


Under 40 minutes

2,000 bonus points +1 point for every second under 40 minutes.

*In the event that there’s a tie in points, the fastest time wins.

There are three levels of obstacles: Race (beginner), Hustle (intermediate), Blitz (advanced). They are intermixed throughout the course. All participants must complete the Race level obstacles. But you can choose to skip the Hustle and Blitz obstacles. This allows racers to speed up and try to beat the clock for 2,000 points. 

This skip rule also takes out the intimidation factor for beginners. If you’re not ready for a challenging Blitz obstacle like Spin Class, you can pass it and keep running to the next one. You won’t earn the points, but you won’t be penalized with burpees or electric shock.

 You get to choose how hard you want to push yourself on the Stadium Blitz course.

Furthermore find active release therapist palm springs,  Stadium Blitz welcomes kids ages 7 and up. Ages 7-13 are allowed to do Race obstacles, but must skip Hustle and Blitz obstacles. Ages 14+ are allowed on all obstacles.